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Suitable for protection against overload & short circuit for Motor and other Inductive loads
0.5A to 63A
IS/IEC 60898-1

Safety Terminals To avoid improper cable termination, the safety terminals guide the cable towards the cage terminal for systematic termination
Bi Stable Clip Every device is provided with a dual position DIN rail clip, so it becomes much easier to change a device from a device bank connected to a bus-bar, without disturbing the existing wiring
Large Cable Terminals Suitable for copper and aluminum cables, these terminals are compatible with cables up to 35 mm 2 cross section area
Cooler Operation Grooves provided on outer body, so that when individual poles are placed adjacent to each other in a distribution board it forms a very effective channel for better air circulation, resulting into a cooler operation
Precise Hammer Action A hammer directly connectd to the plunger strikes the moving contact arm with a force proportional to the peak current there by forcibly separating the moving contact from the fixed contact much before the latch mechanism operates.this further reduces the opening time of the circuit breaker.
Low Power Consuption Consumes less power, thus cost effective and energy saving.
Trip Free Mechanism A circuit-breaker, the moving contacts of which return to and remain in the open position when the automatic opening operation is initiated after the initiation of the closing operation, even if the closing command is maintained.
13 Plates are Chute For Effective arc Quenching The arc extinguishing device comprises of 13 plates arc chute.the arc under the influence of the magnetic field and arc guide is moved into th arc chute where it is rapidly split and quenched.
Rating (AMP) 63 A
Execution (pole) Double Pole (DP)
Type C Curve